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hello. literally, just now, it occurred to me to think about making answers to frequently asked questions or not .. not even so, to make answers to all the most popular questions related to bodybuilding, the issue i called “everything about bodybuilding: full faq on bodybuilding.

for whom and why is this done? for people)) of course, there will be a spar of information about everything at once (and not as previously articles in which we discussed a single issue (topic)). such an article has a lot of advantages, for example, some people do not have time to sit and study a bunch of articles, or tritely there is no desire to do it all … i’m not talking about the sea of ​​misinformation on various resources on the world wide web, because still it is necessary to find the right information for that would be to read it or study it, and this take my word for it, it’s not so easy.
but, oh well, let’s not go far from the topic. in general, if you have trust in me, then this article is just for you. if not, i’ll still give you links to the main articles, in which i explain what and how detailed (if you doubt the answer, click on the link and study the answer in detail) !!!!!

it seems to me that the issue will be a great success, for earlier, the articles were devoted specifically to one topic (one issue), but there will be answers to a lot of the most popular questions, so i hope that many of the issue will really be useful. well, perhaps, you can start.

now, for your convenience, i built an article navigation, below click on the text “all questions that will be considered in this article (click me)”. after you click, many questions will get out (these are the most popular questions that will be considered in this article), you can not rummage throughout the article (it is very long), you can simply simply look for the right question (there are only 70-80pieces , it’s better than rummaging throughout the article), after you have chosen what you are interested in, just click on this question and all at once throw it back. answer will be at the very top of your screen. i hope it will be much more convenient for you. why did you go?

  • all questions that will be considered in this article (click me)

1. do i need to warm up before training?

without fail, before any training (be it bodybuilding, fitness, powerlifting, sambo, wrestling or anything else), you need to perform a warm-up, for if you do not, you can get injured very quickly, and say goodbye to sports for a long time.

2. how to properly do warm-up, how much should it last?

the warm-up should not last too long. in general, this is for everyone individually, i always said and say that the warm-up should last until the forehead is covered with sweat. as for the warm-up, i’m letting you down, but anything … running on a treadmill or an ellipsoid, a rope, various jumps aside, forward, various swings with your hands back and forth, turns of the trunk, i do not know, anything you like … include fantasy and act.

read the main article to answer 1 and 2 questions: “warm-up in bodybuilding”

3. if my goal is a set of muscle mass, what do i do the exercises?

there are basic and isolating exercises. if your goal is a set of muscle mass, you must concentrate on the basic movements. the fact is that the basic exercises are such exercises that require a lot of physical work of the total body and the work of multiple joins, rather than any one (isolating). basic exercises are bench press, squat, stanovaya, chest press, draft in slope, pull-ups, bars, narrow-grip press and others.

read the main article: “what is basic and insulating exercise?”

4. what should be the sequence of exercises?

the question is very important. for from the correct sequence of exercises will depend on how your muscles will develop! therefore, remember, you need to start training with basic exercises (ie multi-joint movements), and end with isolating (single-joint). because the growth of strength is very important for the recruitment of muscle mass of the body, and what strength can there be if you preliminarily exhaust one of the muscles that participates in the basic exercise ?, you simply will not be able to put on the full there where you need, and you can not show the maximum result.

read the main article: “the sequence of exercises in the gym”

 5. how many repetitions in the approach?

one oryet needs 3-6 repetitions, another 12-20, the third something else. this is nonsense. it does not matter how many repetitions you make, important this time is loading, and the time under load should be 10-30 seconds, it is at this time interval that you must reach a muscle failure, otherwise the approach is essentially screwed up. usually in this time interval (10-30 sec) it turns out, perform about 6-12 repetitions.

read the main article: “how many repetitions should be done in the approach?”

6. how many do the approaches in the exercises?

i recommend to stick to the golden mean, i.e. 3-4 working approaches, after 2-3 warm-ups it is quite enough.

read the main article: “how much should i do in the exercises?”

7. how long does it take to relax between approaches?

a classic rest between approaches in bodybuilding is 1-2 minutes, not more.

read the main article: “rest between approaches”

8. how long should the training in bodybuilding last?

some people say that you need to train almost 2 hours each. this is nonsense! the first 20 minutes, we consume glycogen, which is in the muscles, and the next 20 minutes we consume glycogen from the liver. that’s all. that’s why we only have 40-45 minutes. i mean training should last no more than 40-45 minutes. if you exercise longer than 45 minutes, then simply on your muscles (lose in volume), which is not good, as you understand. and secondly, too long training can lead you to overtraining. do you want it? draw conclusions and train wisely.

read the main article: “optimum duration of training” …

9. the bench press lying on the horizontal – the basis of the training of the chest? how to pump up the muscles of the chest? / does not grow breast, what to do? etc. all sorts of issues related to the training of the muscles of the chest.

bench press lying on the horizontal – this is not the basis of the training of the chest. no no and one more time no!!!! this is a wild delusion .. for some reason, the main exercise is always recommended to press the bar on a horizontal surface and the rows of similar exercises (ie on a flat surface), but friends, remember once and for all: “if your goal is to increase the size of the breast (hypertrophy ) then you need to start with those parts of the chest muscles that always leave (the upper part), and not from those departments that allow you to squeeze more weight (lower part). ” in addition, the parts of the chest and slightly internal parts and attach to your pectoral muscles the size (volume), that the beauty of burning muscle, the most impressionable appearance. therefore, always, start training of thorous muscles from upper departments, to the bottom you can either score or do a minimum of approaches. believe me, your breasts will finally start to grow!

read more about this issue in the main article: “how to pump up the muscles of the chest?”

10. is the deadlift the basis for training the muscles of the back?

no no and one more time no!!!! many gurus now, with foam in their mouths, squirting their drool on the monitor will prove that i am error. but believe me naslovo this exercise is absolutely no shit will not give you in terms of the width of the spine. more then after stanovaya you will be very difficult to train the rest of the back muscles, i.e. they will not receive the proper load, and hence there will be no growth. in other words, you will not be able to pull up normally and, the more, pull the bar in the slope. and these are exactly the exercises that are really needed for training the muscles of the back. yes, of course, i do not argue that stan is one of the most difficult basic movements in bodybuilding, which develops extensors of the back, buttocks, legs, trapeziums, forearms and much more (in fact, during movement the whole body works). but!!!!! in no case do not put a deadlift at the very beginning of your back training, it will take all the forces, and you will not be able to fully exercise your back. that’s why the best solution is to put (and then optional) at the end of your training for the back muscles.

read more about this in the main article: “how to pump up a wide back?”

11. legs in shorts / shtans it is not visible, so what for them to swing? how to pump your feet? / how to properly swing them? / all about training the muscles of the legs.

a very stupid question, which is set mostly by the green guys. experienced guys know that firstly, with proper leg training (ie, the lower part of the body) you will have a strong bottom (ie strong legs), and hence the upper body will also strive for the same. those. this is a kind of your full aesthetic appearance, because the top and bottom are also developed.

read more in the main article: “how to properly swing the leg muscles?”

that and generally imagine a sight muscular upper and matches instead of legs. it’s wildly awful, so that you understand what i’m talking about, i’ve written you down photos, zyrkaite.

body transformation [converted]

guys who are shaking their legs …

12. caviar (calves) need to train every day? / how to train caviar, what would they grow? all about calf muscles training.

first, remember, caviar should be pumped as a standing in the trainer, and sid in the simulator. the fact is that the lifts in the stock in the stock in the simulator mainly develops the icid muscles (these are the muscles that are located outside), but the ascent to the toes sitting is the second important exercise for the muscles of the shins. it develops soleus muscle (which is located under the calf). and as you probably understand, one can not without the other. if there is gastrocnemius, but there is no soleus, then the form will not be so impressionable. therefore, it is important to train both.

13. the first exercise for training shoulder (delt) presses or mahi? / how to begin training the shoulders (deltas)? how to pump your shoulders.

you need to start from the hard, to the easy. those. with the basic begin, we finish isolating. in our case, bench press = this is the basic exercise, and the mahi aside = this is an isolating exercise. therefore, we start with the press and finish with the mahami.

read more about this in the main article: “how fast should i pump my shoulders?”

14. how to pump biceps and triceps? how to train your hands in the training program? how to pump the forearm / what hinders the growth of the hands (what are the main mistakes)? / sequence of exercises for training the muscles of the hands / what are effective training programs?

all these and other questions concerning the training of the muscles of the hands (forearms, biceps, triceps) in a nutshell can not be considered .. it’s very difficult … therefore i considered this issue in the main article: “how fast do i pump up my hands?” , i recommend to study. in connection with the forearm, read here: “how to pump up the forearms?”

15. i pump the press for 100-200 repetitions every day, but it’s not visible !! what to do? how to pump up a press? how can i see cubes on my stomach? etc. all questions concerning the abdominal muscles.

in order to pump up the four press does not need to pump it every day, do a dozen of repetitions until the fall, or perform a bunch of different exercises for training))). this is a mistake (a crude, meaningless mistake).

in order to see the four press two things are necessary:

  • the fat content in the body should be 10% and lower
  • thickness of the muscles of the press

if you have fat on your stomach, then at least you will be able to swing it = you will never see. because of the same fat. remove the fat, you will see the press (cubes). this is if very briefly and according to ludians.))))

and more details in the main articles:

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16. how to eat for a set of muscle mass and strength? what is anabolic food? how do bodybuilders eat? / like, what, when break / all about nutrition for a set of muscle mass and strength.

a healthy diet for weight gain should have such a percentage of fat and protein and carbohydrates:

  • carbohydrates – 50-60%
  • proteins – 20-30%
  • fats – 10-20%

carbohydrates (this is energy in the form of rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, other cereals).

proteins (this is our building material, for our muscles, in the form of fish, meat, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, poultry, etc. there are also vegetable ones (but they can be ignored).

you need to eat often, but gradually (from 6 to 12 meals a day). those. eat every 2-3 hours.

for more information, see the main articles on the blog :

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17. drying (slimming) / how to quickly lose / all about food drying / how to dry properly (lose weight)? / drawing up a diet (diet) for thinking. / all about nutrition in the stage of losing weight, burning excess fat.

in a nutshell – there’s nothing to say. alas. therefore, you need to study the main article on the blog: “nutrition (diet) for rapid weight loss”

18. drying (slimming) in terms of training / how to train in order to lose weight? (to burn off excess fat) / all the raining training for slimming.

again, in a nutshell, you can not say anything. alas. therefore, we read the main article: “proper training for slimming”

19. how to learn to eat right? / basic rules for healthy eating / recommendations for a healthy lifestyle

the basic rule of healthy eating: bitching frozen ports (frequently, but poma). and it does not matter whether you gain muscle mass and strength or lose weight, eat at least 6-8 times a day, at the same time. eat the right foods (rep, buckwheat, potatoes, various cereals, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, kefir, meat, poultry, etc. give up harmful foods (mayonnaise, sausage, sugar, salt, alcohol, cigarettes, fat, fried, spicy, etc. i write).

you can read about it in the main articles :

  • “basic rules of healthy eating”
  • “recommendations for a healthy lifestyle”

20. can i drink alcohol and do bodybuilding? / effect of alcohol on muscles

no no and one more time no. for alcohol in any quantity and any form is very detrimental to the growth of muscles and strength indicators in particular. so that you understand what kind of problem is being discussed, see for yourself how alcohol acts on the muscles:

  • easy intoxication = it is considered that skipping one workout
  • strong intoxication = skipping 2 weeks of training.
  • the systematic intake of alcohol in 80% of athletes leads to stagnation and a decrease in muscle growth by 100%.

i already remain silent about the fact that alcohol disturbs the athlete’s sleep, lowers the male hormone testosterone and increases estrogen (a female hormone), forms fat, dehydrates the body, etc.

read more in the main article: “the influence of alcohol on muscles”

21. sports nutrition – is chemistry (steroids, anabolics)?

no no and one more time no. this is a wild delusion that normal people have nothing but laughter. = this is an ordinary orded food, there are some differences of course, for example is convenient in cooking and absorption, unlike ordinary food (which you need to chew) is quickly absorbed, and this has a special significance in bodybuilding. in general, pharma-steroids = in any case not chemistry, do not be so naive.

more details about this you can read in the main articles :

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22. is it possible to pump without sports nutrition?

yes, of course, you can. sport.pit = this is optional, i.e. not necessary. basis – foundations this is a normal right food (carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and other cereals) + protein (meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, poultry, etc.) + fats). sport.pit = it’s just an additive. a supplement to what? => to the basic food receptions, and the main meals = this is normal correct food.

23. what is protein? types of protein from sports supplements / which protein is best? how to check the protein for authenticity?

protein = this is protein. protein = this is a building material for our muscles!

types of protein from sports supplements by speed of absorption and composition:

  • fast protein – whey (quickly absorbed)
  • slow protein – casein (long, ie long absorbed).
  • complex protein (this is a kind of hybrid, ie a mixture of different types of proteins, which provides the body with a peak concentration of amino acids in the near future after taking, but at the same time a slow protein provides nutrition for the muscles for a long time.

in order to check for the authenticity of protein (protein), you need to scoop up 1 spoon of protein and place it in a saucer. then pour it with boiling water! if the protein is natural (of good quality), a kind of lump (clot) must form during the denaturation, and if the quality is bad, then there will be no lumps (there will not be clots) just a kind of water, ordinary milk, etc.

well, if it’s all in short. for more details, see the main article: “protein for muscle growth”

24. do i need to drink protein after training? (or other sports nutrition?)

no no and one more time no! this is a wild mistake, however, i very often see people in my room who after training drink protein, they say, it is necessary to close the protein-carbohydrate window which supposedly lasts 30 minutes no more … in general, they naively believe that the protein is their reliable assistant. in fact, this is not so! you are fools who have been led to another brainwashing of horseradish know who (for disinformation is everywhere, what to do) on the world wide web.

what is really happening?

anabolic window (post-workout or protein-carbohydrate, differently called) really exists. however, it is not ultimate (it does not delay the first 20-30 minutes, as all say). it lasts for 24 hours. therefore, in bodybuilding, the specific value has only the general quality and quantity of carbohydrates and proteins consumed per day. and the time of the prima does not play a particularly important role.

therefore, it makes no sense to buy expensive sports nutrition (proteins, gayners, amino acids) and drink them after training, because the need for solo protein appears not earlier than 12-48 hours after training.

therefore, we eat 30-40 minutes after the end of training slow (complex) carbohydrates + proteins. for example, i use more often rice + chicken breasts (or some other source of protein, for example, eggs or fish). as you recommend!

read more in the main article: “proper nutrition after exercise”

25. tell me, if i decided to buy sports nutrition, which is better to choose : domestic (our ukrainian and russian ) or better imported?

if you already decided to buy sport.pit our domestic can not be compared with imported products in terms of quality and price even close. therefore, if already and take (although i do not know why, but you never know what you have there reasons), then you need only buy imported products.

26. what is the progression of the load? why do we need this progression? / how to use it on yourself?

first, remember: without the progression of loads = muscle growth will not be! secondly, the progression of loads is not possible without a training diary. can you guess why? … load progress this is a constant increase in either working weights on the charge, or increasing the repetitions in the approach, or reducing the rest time between the approaches. in principle, there are a lot of ways to use the progression of the load. but at the initial stage it is enough to adhere to two basic and at the same time safe ways: “increase working weights” and “increase into approach”. if you do not do this, then the load will be constantly the same from one workout to the next (that is, nothing happens in fact), and therefore the muscle do not grow. therefore, your trips to the rocking chair are meaningless.

more details about the progression of the load in the below links :

  • bodybuilding training programs (here, at the very beginning, stephago and razhevano are told how to use safe methods of progression ie increasing weights and repetitions, it is required for reading).
  • german volume training (here again, again, about these same safe methods but already about the unsafe way of progressing the load, for professionals).
  • natural bodybuilding muscle without steroids  (here it is told in principle for what a progression is needed, how to conduct it, etc. but not as chewed as in the first and second articles).

27. why do i need a diary (notebook, notebook …) in bodybuilding? / i saw a dude in the hall, who did the exercise and immediately writes something to the notebook, why is this everything? .. / the essence of the training diary

diary training is a very important tool in muscle training. the growth of muscle mass is a constantly progressing load (see the question above, where i tell what is the progression of the load and why it is needed). so, in order to control your working weights, you need at least to know them, you can not remember them in memory, that’s why you use a diary or a notebook in which you write most often: weight of the projectile and number of performed repetitions.

read the main article: “training diary”

28. why should the shin be pumped in a large number of repetitions?

see the question number 5. it says that it does not matter how many repetitions you make, the most important is the time spent under load, and the time under load should be 10-30 seconds, it is at this time interval that you must reach a muscle failure. it is also said there that usually it’s 6-12 repetitions … usually (for all exercises it is so it is), but the calf muscles, i.e. shoes = exception. in this exercise there will be more than 12 repetitions, maybe 20 or even 30 repetitions, for there the amplitude of the movement is small, in contrast to the usual exercises. do you understand? a short amplitude of movement .., that’s the whole secret of the increased number of repetitions for training the calf muscles (shin).

29. what should be the rest in bodybuilding? how many days of rest during the period of muscle mass? / the process of restoring muscles after training

first, remember – the recovery and growth of muscles occurs not during training, but during rest, tobish after its termination and further. even when you sleep at night, your mass grows.

the process of muscle regeneration consists of two parts:

  1. the first is to get rid of fatigue and micro-ruptures in the muscles that occur after each workout.
  2. the second is supercompensation, when the muscles go through the previous threshold of recovery and become slightly stronger.

say you can rest 1 or 2 or 3 days – it’s impossible. you need to look very well for yourself, depending on your age, stress level, nutrition, recovery and other key factors. for example, if you are a student and you have at least a pond of energy, while you are eating well, sleeping, not nervous, then the recovery will occur on the 3rd or 4th day. but if you are already at an age, you do not sleep well and live on nerves, then i guarantee you – do not wait for recovery on the 3rd or 4th day absolutely exactly.

it is enough for beginners to practice 3 times a week (for example, monday, wednesday, friday), train on monday, have a rest 1 day, on wednesday again, etc. the principle is simple, the 1st day of training, the 2nd rest. at the same time, it is necessary that there should be a competently chosen training split (for details about the split in the next question).

for more advanced athletes, i’m not your advisor anymore, that’s for sure. a more approximate landmark (for beginners and intermediate level), i gave an example.

here, in addition to training, the key factors play: nutrition and dream. the food should be full, healthy and correct (6-12 meals during the day), etc. a dream should be at least 8+ hours (8-10 enough).

30. training split – what is it? / split programs training why do i need a split, etc.

split – in translation from english. to split. in bodybuilding, this means that we will split muscle groups on different days. for example, on monday we train the breast, on tuesday spin, on wednesday legs, on thursday shoulders, on friday hands. you see? we split the muscle groups on different days. previously, bodybuilders did not do this, because they did not know (that’s why the effectiveness of such trainings was not the maximum), but now we know what and how. therefore splitting (splitting) in bodybuilding = it is necessary!

for more details, see the main article: “split training program”

31. overtraining – what is it? / how does it occur? / what are the main signs, etc.

overtraining is an imbalance between training and recovery. it arises from an insufficient amount of rest time, quality of nutrition, lack of vitamins, calories, complex carbohydrates in the diet. it also affects the lack of sleep, the level of stress, through intense training. most often it happens when athletes perform the same exercises too often in a large volume.

signs of overtraining :

  1. constant feeling of fatigue, loss of strength, reduction of working scales.
  2. decreased appetite or do not want to eat
  3. disturbance of the duration of sleep, nightmares, sudden awakening, poor falling asleep, etc. etc.
  4. i do not want to train, everything annoying, lethargy ..
  5. frequent pain in the heart, increased pressure in a calm state.

treatment of overtraining :

1) increase rest, change the training regime or reduce the intensity of training. in severe cases, completely abandon the training for a couple of weeks, then start with a small load and only in the process of improving the state, you can move on to regular training.

2) during the overtraining of the athlete, the food should be high-calorie, additionally contain a large number of complex carbohydrates, animal and vegetable protein.

for more details, see the main article: “signs of overtraining and its treatment”

32. types of physique / what are the types of build? / how can i understand what type of physique i have? which body type is the best for bodybuilding and why? / how to eat and exercise each type of physique?

3 types of build

there are 3 types of physique (ektomorf, endomorph, mezomorph). in order to determine who you are (read each of the types and you will know exactly who you are).

ectomorph (in the people of crap) – thin body, thin and long bones, very little fat, skinny, at the same time fast, energetic. in the organism of the ectomorph, everything burns swiftly, it is never threatened with completeness. this type of physique is very difficult to gain muscle mass. but take my word for it, what this person will gain will look very aesthetically!

endomorph – wide, thick bones, difficult to lose weight, slow metabolism, inclined to fullness, it is easy to gain weight, but because of fat deposits, often all the achievements remain hidden under the layer of fat.

mesomorph is the ideal for bodybuilding, wide bones, little fat, lots of muscles, easy to gain dry muscle mass.

for bodybuilding, the best physique is certainly mezomorf.

more details about the whole thing can be found in the main articles :

  • “3 types of physique”
  • “nutrition for the ectomorph”
  • “how to puff up the endomorph” and “training and nutrition for the endomorph”
  • “training and nutrition for the mesomorph”

33. how to make a muscle relief? how to train on relief (drying of muscles)?

remember once and for all !!!! first of all, the relief of muscles is affected by the amount of subcutaneous fat in your body. therefore, if you are poured under a layer of fat, then you do not see the relief as not bzdi .. diet – the basis of drying the muscles (weight loss, relief, call it whatever you want).

about how to train on the relief … i often hear such a delusion in the sport, use large weights and a small number of repetitions – on the mass, and take small weights and a large number of repetitions – on the terrain. this is utter nonsense. any number of repetitions – this work on the mass, and the relief is grinded only by diet. therefore, any weight training leads to a set of muscles, and not to weight loss.

this delusion is observed by the pitching professionals. which in the off-season are trained with huge weights with a possible small number of repetitions, and when preparing for the competition they switch to lighter exercises and weights. however, “light” weight with a large number of repetitions is not the cause of drying, but its consequence, if even more accurately the consequence of the limited food caloric content, which forces them to facilitate their training …

34. tell me, can i simultaneously gain muscle mass and lose weight (dry?)

no you can not. the fact is that the growth of muscle mass = it anabolism, and the reduction of fat deposits = it catabolism. anabolim and katabolim = these are the opposing physiological processes that are in conflict with each other. our body can not be in both of these states simultaneously, because anabolism pursues an excessive caloricity in food (lots of carbohydrates, a lot of food in general, a big calorie during the day, 3000 calories and more, well, this is an example just what you would understand). a catabolism (destruction) is pursued by defecit calories, i.e. limit yourself to calories (food).

and now imagine how this is possible? this is none !!!!!

local burning of fat in a particular place / i want to lose weight in this or that part of the body (for example, stomach, flanks). can you tell me how to do this ?, what do i need to do the exercises?

this is nonsense. first, look at any specific body partition = impossible. the process of fat burning takes place on the whole body (on all sites). and if you are told that you can lose weight somewhere in one place (for example, animal) = you are being deceived. because local burning of fat = impossible !!!!!

and now about the exercises. weight loss (drying, relief, call it what you want) is achieved with the help of the diet in the first. exercises (training) are secondary factors. you can perform thousands of repetitions per press (abdominal muscles), but if you have fat deposits on the same abdomen – you will never see the so-called “cubes”, because they are screens under the fat layer !!!!!!! !! that’s why basis is the basis in losing weight – this is diet !!!!!!!!!

35. is it true that bodybuilding makes women look like men? (not feminine)

no that’s not true! as if the girl did not train, without the use of chemical drugs (anabolic steroids), she will never become like a man. never !!!! from this girl saves the biological characteristics of the female body, this is primarily a small amount of male hormones (testosterone) and muscles in the upper body.

36. is it true that without chemistry (anabolic drugs) it is impossible to get pumped?

no it is not true. an ordinary person without chemistry (steroids) will be able to reach his natural ceiling, provided that he observes the regime (rest, food, training), then everything will be said – but not immediately. patience and work = all peretrut. anabolic steroids very much accelerate the process of muscle growth, argue here beztolku … but you can get pumped up and have a decent shape without using steroids, hormones of growth , insulin etc., who would not tell you what …

37. can i exercise with a cold? if so, how? / cold and bodybuilding

if in the active phase of the disease and in general during the period of illness to engage in bodybuilding, the recovery is significantly worsened and prolonged. during the period of the disease, the anabolic processes stop, and the body starts the secretion of cortisol (it in turn destroys the muscles). hence the conclusion that any physical load, even charging, one way or another, spurs the secretion of cortisol, the conclusion is obvious, it is not possible to train. it is better to lie a couple of days (strong gulls, warmth, medicines, etc.), and only when they recovered to go out for training.

read more in the main article: “cold and bodybuilding”

38. what is hemorrhoids? how to deal with hemorrhoids? bodybuilding and hemorrhoids / bodybuilding with hemorrhoids – this is the end of training or what?

hemorrhoids are a disease associated with thrombosis (clogging), inflammation, pathological enlargement and tortuosity of the hemorrhoidal veins that form characteristic nodes in the rectum.

there are two forms of hemorrhoids:

  • internal – this is when the nodes are located inside the rectum.
  • external – this is when the nodes are located on the outer part of the anus and are easily probed by palpation.

if you briefly say what to do, then remember :

in the active phase (and not even in the active phase, if you have a predisposition to hemorrhoids), you will forever need to exclude any exercises that cause strong intra-abdominal pressure (squats with a barbell on the shoulders, deadlifts, deadlifts, etc., , these exercises are absolutely accurately thrown out, because they can no longer be done).

again, in the active phase (when everything is serious) it is best to perform isolated exercises. in addition to this, you need to reduce the working weights and add the number of repetitions. well, do not forget to breathe correctly when doing any exercises, oh yeah, do not hold your breath in any case.

again, in the active phase, to treat and treat hemorrhoids, i recommend candles (anzol) and ointment (proctosedil). can be purchased at any pharmacy. you also need to take the detralex preparation or its russian analogue venarus (2 tablets 3 times a day after meals, 4 days, then 2 tablets 2 times a day).

on the toilet, do not stiff, the intestines should be emptied without any human effort, and without fail, after every trip to the toilet, wash with cold water.

well, this is, in short, so to speak. i recommend that you read the main (full) article: “bodybuilding and hemorrhoids”

39. if the goal is losing weight, then when to carry out cardio (running, exercise bike, etc.) : before strength training or after? / if my goal is losing weight (burning excess fat) when it is better to run on the treadmill (in short to do aerobic exercise) before or after training? what first: cardio or strength training?

remember once and for all, to conduct aerobnuyu training (cardio) it is necessary then when in your body the minimum amount of energy (carbohydrates), this will force your body to switch faster to the burning of fat!

therefore, the answer is obvious – cardio must be done after force training. for during the strength training your muscles burn carbohydrate (energy) stores and by the end of strength training your body will have the minimum amount of carbohydrates (energy), then you need to go to the treadmill or exercise bike, in general, to carry out cardio training. in this case, fat will burn, and this is what we need.

this is, in short, what and how. on the site there is a more detailed article with which you will learn a lot of useful things: “proper weight loss training”

if we are talking about cardio training at the stage of gaining muscle mass (for example, running and bodybuilding ), then, as a rule, athletes (ki) try in every possible way to avoid (avoid) all such load due to her harm (at this stage). and if they do, then perhaps as a warm-up before the strength training, and then no more than 5-10 minutes. more i told in the article: “cardio at mass recruitment”.

40. what are anabolic steroids (chemistry, pharmacy, as, aas – etc. are other names, so to speak synonyms) and why are they needed in bodybuilding?

anabolic steroids are pharmacological preparations (artificial analogs) of the male sex hormone testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

other names (synonyms for the word anabolic steroids) :

  • as (this is an abbreviation: anabolic steroids)
  • aas (this is an abbreviation: anabolic-androgenic steroids)
  • pharma (slang in bodybuilding)
  • chemistry (slang in bb)
  • anabolics
  • steroids
  • androgens

by and large it is male sex hormones, which are very natural for the male body. they cause the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, i.e. (in other words, this process is called anabolism) that is why these drugs, which lead to rapid growth and are called anabolics, that is why they are so common in power sports and not only.

read the main article: “anabolic steroids: what is it?”

41. how is it possible to practice correctly at the course and after the course of anabolic steroids?

alas, unfortunately, here you can not get brief information, you will have to read the main articles on this issue: “how is it correctly trained on the course of steroids and after?”

42. how correctly to take anabolic steroids (acceptance schemes, courses, combinations and dosages, pillars, etc.) and whether it is worthwhile to take them at all?

in my opinion, to use or not to use anabolic steroids, it is necessary to decide from the point of view of personal benefits. if yes you are beneficial (you weighed everything for and against, as professional bodybuilders – please), if it is not beneficial to you (you are just stupidly want to become more – it is not worth it, the risk is great). personally, i do not eat and never used, which i recommend to you.

on this issue, read the main article: “is it worth taking steroids?”

as to how to take anabolic steroids (once you’ve decided), you should know how to do it. steroids if used, then with the head. otherwise, you can bring trouble on yourself, and then your whole life to regret what he did. in a nutshell, you will not say anything, the topic is very deep.

read the main article again: “how to take steroids?”

read the main article two: nutrition on the course of steroids.

43. fitness and pregnancy / is it possible to engage in fitness during pregnancy? if so, how? / proper exercise during pregnancy / proper nutrition during pregnancy

it is not possible to do it, but it is necessary. for a huge number of pluses. but, the training should be safe both for you and for your baby, and for this you will need to adhere to the basic rules-recommendations that i’m talking about in the main article: “fitness and pregnancy”

the most important thing to understand is that training now (throughout pregnancy) is a way to support your body in tone and prepare it for childbirth, but no more, no weight loss, weight gain, etc.)

now about the food. remember at physical exercises (during pregnancy) you should not allow hungry conditions in your body. those. no diet for weight loss, etc. in no case.

and so, in principle, food, as before: 4-5 meals per day (in divided batches), a preference to give to healthy foods:

  • complex carbohydrates (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, etc.)
  • proteins (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, poultry, etc.)
  • vitamins and minerals are mandatory, apples, pears, oranges, in short any fruits and vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, etc.),
  • dairy products (kefir, yoghurt, cottage cheese, etc.)

and on the contrary, we exclude fried, smoked, pickled, all these mayonnaises, sour cream, sausages, pepsi, cola, salt, sugar, alcohol, fatty, fried, spicy, sour food and other harmful products from the diet !!! well, and, of course, no alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs and speech can not be !!!!!!

44. vegetarianism and bodybuilding / is it possible to combine bodybuilding and vegetarianism, if so, how?

there are 3 types of vegetarians :

  1. veganism is a complete rejection of food of animal origin, even eggs, milk, honey, etc. (in general, a strict kind of vegetarianism).
  2. lactovegetarianism (the word “lacto” – derived from the latin word “milk”) in general, it is allowed to use in addition to plant foods and dairy products.
  3. lactoovovegetarianism / ovo-laktovegetarianism (“ovo” – from the latin “egg”) – here it is allowed to consume both plant foods and egg and milk products.

i’m not without reason, i told you about the types of vegetarianism. the fact is that you must understand that there are several types of vegan (strict and less strict), those who eat vegetarian food and dairy products = already better, and those who eat more eggs in addition to everything = even better. no luck, only those who do not eat anything other than plant food (veganism). less strict vegetarians can combine bodybuilding without problems, but a strict kind of vegetarianism can combine bodybuilding only on an amateur level (for yourself, so to speak, you will not go to the sport 100%).

in detail this question, you can study in the main article: “vegetarianism and bodybuilding”

45. how do you motivate yourself to do something? how to raise your ass and go to the gym?

yes, in any way eupties. stay in the ass if you like it there. i seriously, without jokes, do not think … you have a choice, either to progress or to degrade. the choice is yours.

i work all day, i get tired, i do not have time for that hall, – many will say. fabrics and more times. do you have 24 hours a day, no 45 minutes for a full workout? and why do i have? i also work from morning till night, but after some reason i go to the hall, work on myself. so what’s wrong with you? maybe laziness? no? … i’m sure that your subconscious mind will give you a heap of excuses, if only you do not go there (i’m tired, i’m sick, i have to go, i do not have any money, but the meaning of all this, why it is needed, life is short, etc.). ). this is all nonsense, but what can you do … it is very difficult for a person to leave the comfort zone, for people, and for some, sometimes impossible. but, as i said, choice is yours. all in your hands.

46. ​​the best exercises for training the muscles of the chest?

dumbbell press on an incline bench, bench press on an incline bench

read the main article: ” complex exercises on the chest”

47. the best exercises for training your back muscles?

pull-ups, pull rod in the slope, draft to the chest, traction dumbbells in the slope, deadlift.

read the main article: “complex of exercises on the back”

48. the best exercises for training the muscles of the legs?

squats with a barbell on the shoulders, bench press, gak squat, deadlift (stanovaya on straight legs), bending leg lying.

read the main article: “complex of exercises on legs”

49. the best exercises for training deltas (shoulders)?

  • press of dumbbells
  • bench stand / sitting with chest
  • thrust rod to chin (broach)
  • dumbbell preparation aside (mahi for medium deltoids)
  • dumbbell benders to the side in the slope (mahi for the rear delta)

read the main article: “complex exercises on the shoulders”

50. the best exercises for training the muscles of the hands (biceps and triceps)?

biceps: lifting the bar to the biceps, lifting dumbbells to the biceps (possible with supination), lifting dumbbells to the bicep on the bench (25-30 degrees, you can also on the horizontal, in order to maximize the biceps), hammer bends, concentrated lifting dumbbells to the biceps (for pros).

tritzers: press the bar with a narrow grip, the bars (accent on the tricus), extension of the hands at the block standing, french bench press.

read the main article: ” complex of exercises for the muscles of the hands”

51. the best exercises for trapeze training?

rod of the rod to the sub, schrages with the bar, shagi with dumbbells.

read the main article: ” exercises for a trapezoid”

52. the best exercises for training the abdominal muscles (press)?

torso elevations on an incline bench (roman chair), torso bending on a block simulator (krachi), leg raises.

read the main article: “exercises for the abdominal press”

53. the best exercises for training berry (ass)?

squats with a barbell, lunges (with dumbbells or a barbell), deadlift, lifting of a pelvis, legs, hyperextensions on the buttocks.

more details about how to pump up a beautiful ass (buttocks) cheat. in the main article: ” how to pump up a beautiful ass (buttocks)” and if there is a desire to read (separately) about the best exercises for the buttocks, then see here .

54. what is a superset (supercere)?

supercell (superceria) is when the athlete connects two exercises, which are either designed to work on the same muscle group or exercises that are designed for different muscle groups but are next to them – these muscles are antagonists.

antagonists are opposite muscles, they are located next to each other and perform opposite functions.

example muscles of antagonists: biceps + tricepces (ie bicees – bends the arm in the elbow joint, a tricepps – rinks). or another example: breast + back, breast – push the hands, and the latissimus muscles of the back pull them. etc. this is the muscle antagonists.

the technique of executing the superset

the technique is very simple, connect the two exercises into one and perform it without any rest. after performing one super series, a small break is required, followed by a new super series.

for example:

implemented the approach of the lifting of the pipe to the biceps, and without any interruption immediately begin to perform the hand dishabling on the block. in this example, this is a superset of the muscles of the antagonists.

supertet for the muscles of the hands

or another example (over the same muscular group), fulfilled the life of the steering left straight ahead without interruption start to perform the layout of the dumbbells lying down.

supertet for the muscles of the chest

55. what is trinet?

there is still such a concept of triset. do not worry, this is simply a triple superset (when 3 exercises are performed in a row).

for example:

  • bench press lying + push-ups from the beams (chest accent) + laying of dumbbells lying
  • squats with a bar + bending legs lying + leg extension sitting

56. what is giant-set?

there is also a giant set. its main difference from the triset is that there are more than 3 exercises per set. that’s all.

for more details, see the main article: “what is a superset, a triset and a giant-set”.

57. what is bodybuilding?

i do not want to answer with smart words, they say, this buildup of muscles by taking physical exercises, performing on rugs, etc. all this and so know (if you do not know, then read the wikipedia there of this good …). but very few people know what bodybuilding really is … (now i express my opinion purely, so to speak imho) in my opinion, bodybuilding is a lifestyle. this mode, mode and again mode. constant self control. someone thinks that training = this is the buildup of muscles. but you are mistaken !!! training (even if it is correct) = nichrome will not give without the right mode of nutrition and rest (recovery). i guarantee this! you will eat right (on weight), but you will not train = you simply simply will grow fat! you will eat and exercise properly, but you will not rest (recover), and there to plump at night or i do not know more shortly = muscle growth will not be. do you understand? this is a communication: nutrition <= training => rest. that’s why it’s a lifestyle, that’s why it’s a permanent regime (control of oneself), for one can not without the other. that’s what i wanted to convey to you in my answer to this question. and i sincerely hope that my thought has reached you and you will understand it.

58. what is the main difference between bodybuilding and fitness? (what is fitness?)

the basis of fitness is health. the difference between bodybuilding and even powerlifting from fitness lies in the fact that its goal is not to achieve high sports results (muscle building, records in scales, chaff, etc.), but simply an incentive to lead a healthy lifestyle. that is why in fitness all training programs are built on the basis of maximum benefit to human health.

read more in the main article: “what is fitness and why should they do it?”

59. what is a muscle failure (failure during exercise?) / types of rejections / does it need a refusion for muscle growth?

failure is fatigue of the muscle (muscle weakness) in the last repetition of the approach, when you can no longer independently overcome the weight with the correct technique.

there are 3 types of failure:

  • positive
  • negative
  • static

a positive refusal on the example of bench press, this is when the bar is stuck half way. that is, when muscle weakness is not allowed to lift weight without help.

negative refusal is when you are no longer able to control the lowering of the bar.

static failure is when muscle weakness prevents you from holding the bar without moving.

whether a rejection is needed or not is needed, the question is very complicated. because refusal training does not guarantee you muscle growth and strength. but here there are nuances. very important nuances!

for example: if you stop exercising, and you are still able to do 2-3 repetitions, that is, you did not reach a muscle failure, then you probably did not achieve your previous result, and you can not increase it by the next workout. well, if you were able to exceed the planned number of repetitions without achieving a muscle failure, then no refusal is necessary to you. do you understand?

in practice, to achieve the planned number of repetitions without muscle failure = very difficult (by myself i know, i can not do this). well, i hope i answered your question, right?

read the main article: “muscle failure”

60. what is pumping? / pumping in bodybuilding, why do you need it and do you need it at all?

traditionally, pumping is called when exercises are performed in a large number of repetitions, when we fill the muscles with blood. but this is provided that the rest between the approaches is very short, only then the muscle receives more blood than it can pump. the muscles swell and become huge. this feeling can not be confused with something else.

need pumping or not, again, again, a difficult question. people think that pumping = it’s working with light weights on a large number of repetitions, but that’s not exactly true! the fact that pumping is useful, there is no arguing, but this work should be hard for you weight (and not easy as everyone mistakenly believe), for 10-15 repetitions, with rest no more than 1 minute (usually 30-40sec). many people think that pumping is a substitute for strength training. this is absolutely utter nonsense. it is a delusion not to enter on this.

read the main article: “pumping in bodybuilding”

61. i’m a girl, please advise, the training program (make up the program).

i do not really like to paint the training programs, i did it once, published it on the site and forgot. the fact is, it’s not professional! i do not know you at all, how can i paint something for you, make up? this is what you would understand, – saper (which discharges the bomb) into the blind (to the touch). well, something like this? do you understand? nevertheless, i told (compiled) on the blog and explained in detail what and how to do, for this is the best than to fight fight.

in short, the women’s training programs – do not contain a split, but on the contrary: women and girls should train all body at times.

effective training program for women (example)

  1. twisting lying 6 x max. (rest between approaches is very small, about 30 seconds you can and less if you can)
  2. squats with a barbell on the shoulders 5 x 10-15 (rest – 1 minute)
  3. thrust of vertical block 6 x 10-15
  4. press a narrow grip lying 6 x 10-15
  5. thrust rod to chin 6 x 10-15

further explanation at the bottom of the main article (if interested, click on the link and study).

read the main article: “training program for young girls”

62. what is muscle memory? what happens if i quit training?

the fact is that there are two versions of the issue of preserving muscles after stopping training. some people believe that after the termination of training completely lose muscle mass and the force thereby becoming back the same as it was, others believe that they will lose some part of the mass and strength. but these versions are not entirely true.

if you completely stop bodybuilding, you can lose all muscle mass, but you will not be the same as you were in the beginning (before training) (infa 100%).

if you quit training, of course, of course, will begin the rasrenirovannost muscles. the fastest way to lose stamina, then some part of the muscle mass, and at the very end the force is lost. but!!!!! you need to know that the more the athlete’s stage, the fewer losses in mass and strength. and the slower they will occur (loss) and the sooner you will be able to return to the original level (muscle size, return everything back) thanks to muscle memory, (i hope now you understand what it is).

by muscular memory, by the way, if you resume your training, then strength and endurance (within two months) will soon return. however, muscle mass returns more slowly. even longer the force of the nerve impulse (neuromuscular binding of the brain-muscle) returns, and thanks to hey, you are more effective in reducing your muscles.

in general, i recommend reading the main article: “muscular memory”

63. how correctly to reduce muscles? how to learn to feel the muscle during the exercise? / neurominal bond of the brain-muscle.

by this question, i mean that you need to learn to feel the muscles. for example, the same lifting of the bar to the biceps, you need to learn to feel every repetition, and not throw that bar, as horrible .. just to take the weight and impress your stupidity surrounding the visitors to the gym (although all poheru). if you speak more competently, then you need to concentrate on doing the exercise, you do not need to be distracted by many other factors. when performing the exercise, you need to focus not on overcoming weight, but on the sensations of the working muscle, on each contraction. believe me, experienced bodybuilders with experience can work with light weights, due to the fact that they are able to feel and contract their muscles, thereby train even more quality and productively.

if you want to succeed, you need to learn this technique. in other words, you must learn to perform exercises not only with large weights, but also be able to feel them (every cut, every repetition, every approach).

for more details, see the main article: “muscle contraction”

64. what should i do if my muscles stop growing? / causes of stability in bodybuilding, how to overcome the platea, t.d.

causes of stability

  1. the absence of a progression of the load (that is, working with the same weights, therefore, the muscles are accustomed to the load) is the most popular cause of status!
  2. poor recovery (+ private training = the body lacks time to recover from training, so there is no time to grow, hence the lack of muscle growth)!
  3. rare training (this is the cause of stagnation is usually found less often than others, but everything is the same)!
  4. chaotic training.
  5. wrong technique of doing exercises.
  6. not a gradual load (increased intensity).
  7. the genetic potential of a particular person.

these are the main causes of stagnation (plateau) in bodybuilding. more details about each of them you can read in the main articles:

  • “muscles stopped growing? (part 1)”
  • “muscles do not grow (part 2)”

65. what is the difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting? / what is better – bodybuilding or powerlifting?

bodybuilding vs powerlifting

in occasion of that that is better, i do not know)). for the choice of each person does himself, so to speak, what the soul is … now i will list you the basic principles of how training is organized for bodybuilders and powerlifters (and you try to answer the question yourself, what is the main difference).

the essence of bodybuilding

  • the amount of training is high (many approaches)
  • repetitions – 6-12
  • rest between sets – 1 maximum 2 minutes not more
  • rest between workouts – 2/3 days = 48/72 hours
  • exercise muscles in training – a little, not more than 2.

the essence of powerlifting

  • workout size – medium
  • repetitions – 1-5
  • rest between sets is a long 3-6 minutes.
  • rest between workouts – short 1/2 days = 24/48 hours
  • exercise muscles in training – a lot, 3-4 or even the entire body.

from these principles it is clear that bodybuilders are able to display high-volume strength training, and powerlifters – only force. i mean, bodybuilders can show not only strength, but also do it for a long time and often, with minimal rest between approaches.

this is the main difference between the bw and the power lift. for the goal of bodybuilding is muscle building (its aesthetic appearance, demonstration), and the goal of powerlifters is to squeeze as much as possible weight for 1 repeat (ie records).

read the main article: “what is the difference between bodybuilding and powerlifting?”

66. training programs or how to develop a plan to achieve maximum results in muscle mass?

this is a very complex and lengthy issue. in a nutshell, there’s no telling, no matter how much you like. there are very, very many things, factors, or features that need to be taken into account. on my site there is already a ready-made article on this matter, everything is very carefully, detailed in it. i strongly recommend to study it (if you are interested in this question).

read the main article: “the best training programs for bodybuilding”

67. is it possible, and if so, how to combine bodybuilding and martial arts?

combine bodybuilding with martial arts or not, it’s up to you. it depends on what your goals and priorities are. if the goal is the maximum muscle size, then i think you need to choose only bodybuilding (for obvious reasons). but if you are a fighter (doing martial arts) then in any case you must necessarily train in the gym and in your classification.

a fighter needs such qualities as:

  • speed
  • explosion (explosive speed or force)
  • strength endurance
  • muscle strength

without proper training (in the gym), he will never achieve all this. in general, the topic is extensive, if you answer briefly to a question, then the answer is: do or do not decide only for you. it all depends on your goals and priorities.

read more in the main article: “bodybuilding and combat”

68. how correctly to train a heart?

if your goal is heart training, you need to achieve a pulse rise of 110-140 beats per minute (but not more, this is very important) by cardio training (beg or walk or there an exercise bike) and keep such a pulse for a long time (from 15 up to 60 minutes, it depends on your current time, and your time, which is specifically dedicated to training your heart.

for more details, see the main article: “heart training and development of endurance”

69. training muscle training / specialization in bodybuilding – what is it? how to eliminate the lagging muscle groups on your body?

the essence of specialization is that you need to load the target lagging muscle more than other muscles. in other words, if we load some muscles more than others, these muscles will be much more trained, and therefore more developed. therefore, the recommendation is simple:

“more work on a lagging muscle group and less work on all other muscle groups (in case you really have a backlog that you want to eliminate).”

what does the word say more, or less work?

under the word work – this means the number of forces and energy that you will spend on this or that exercise. and under the words more and less it is meant that the work can both enhill (become bigger) and reduce (become smaller). let’s take a look at these features:

  • the amount of training (this is the number of approaches, exercises and repetitions for training).
  • intensity of the training (this is the intensity with which you train, for example, if you relax a little between the approaches (well, for example, 30 seconds, for example), the greater your intensity and the load.there are a lot of other types of stuff like supersets, drop sets, sets, negative repetitions, forced other words, i want to say that the load can increase due to the increased intensity of the training.
  • weight in exercises (working weights also affect the load, but we need to increase weights so that, firstly, the technique of performing the exercise itself is not violated, and secondly, the brain-muscle connection does not break down, because the second without the first can not it’s very important).
  • amplitude movement (the deeper – the heavier, and vice versa the shorter – the easier it is).
  • frequency of trainings (this is how often you train, how often you train this or that muscle group, for example, once a week or two).

all of the above features can increase your load on your workout for your lagging muscle, in order to eliminate its lag. follow the basic rule and everything will be fine.

well, this is if in brief (i suppose that’s what i believe, i’m sure that you did not understand anything) so we read the main article: “training of retaining muscles”

70. tell me, if after training the muscles do not hurt at all or so to say “nonsoh ” hurts, is this the result of a bad workout?

often i hear this question, it’s good that i remembered. the fact is that muscle pain is not an indispensable sign of muscle growth. in newcomers, the muscles = 100% will hurt (in any case) because for them it is stress (this is new for them), occasionally for pro athletes (because for them it is already customary). the most important thing here is that if we are talking about signs, the most important thing is only the progression in the training scales, the repetitions, the approaches for the same number of times.

71. what is insulin? / insulin in bodybuilding (why it is needed, how it is applied, etc.)

insulin is a very serious drug with very high efficiency. it allows you to add a huge amount of raw muscle mass and strength. the drug is 100% not for beginners and even for the average level, i know some professionals (advanced) athletes who died from this dope.

insulin is used for patients with diabetes mellitus (type 1 diabetes on a permanent basis) and occasionally for type 2 diabetes (when sugar is sometimes high in order to reduce), but also as we understand in bodybuilding it is also used in combination with anabolic steroids.

in bodybuilding, insulin is used for short and ultrashort action, prolonged ones do not touch (for example, short it is actapid and ultrashort it is novorapid). of the main pobochek this, of course, hypoglic. well, this is again, if we talk briefly, but i have a basic (full) article on the site, who are interested in going and studying for general development (i do not recommend anything on myself): “insulin in bodybuilding”

72. how long can i pump up?

if the athlete does everything in science (training, nutrition, recreation), then in two years he will be able, roughly speaking, to pour himself. this, if in a nutshell, i argue in detail in the main article: “how much time can i pump up?”

73. how to choose a gym? / how to choose the right gym and not make a mistake?

the question is not so simple, as it might seem at first glance. now, i’ll tell you what to pay attention to when choosing a sports hall.

1) the road and inventory of the sports hall!

1) distance to the hall. i do not advise spending time on the road for more than an hour.

2) equipment. in the gym must be:

  • a pair of three olympic rods (bar 20 kg), pancakes (weigher) for the bars should be such weights 0,25 kg (ideally), 1,25 kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg . the total weight for one bar is up to 150-200 kg, and most of the “major” gyms lack a huge number of pancakes, and for frequent customers are forced to drag them from one rack to the other through the hall, which is not very convenient to believe …
  • rack for squats squats, etc., dumbbell (5 to 40 kg) for beginners. and from 60-70-100 kg for experienced athletes. the interval between the dumbbells is desirable 2 or 1 kg, the maximum – 5 kg.
  • benches! benches with a comfortable adjustable angle, this is also a very important inventory.
  • vertical block, horizontal bar. in general, a horizontal bar is considered a base, but if a newcomer or a girl comes to the hall, it will be very difficult to master it. therefore, in the aid of the block for vertical traction, this is also an obligatory attribute of the gym.
  • cardio equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes, etc). you can certainly run around the stadium or somewhere else, and then go into the hall, but in the winter it creates problems …

2) comfort factors in the gym!

  • in the gym should be a full shower and changing room.
  • ventilation (the presence of an air conditioner is only welcomed, in general, it must necessarily be).
  • number of people engaged in a sports club. the less people – the better for us. therefore, if the hall is overloaded – this is enough to complicate the training. stand in line for half an hour behind dumbbells, barbells or simulators, not fresh air, etc.

briefly it did not work, but the answer without all that is superfluous is only what you really need to know. in pritskne if there is a desire, you can read also the main article: “how to choose a sports hall”

74. what is cheating?

cheating is a deception (in our case, muscles). but this deception is conscious, i.e. atlet consciously violates the technique of performing the exercise in several repetitions in order to progress.

cheating is useful (but not for beginners), this is an advanced technique with which beginners do not need to start !!!!. cheating can be used by mid-level athletes and above (approximately 3-4 years of training) and only in the last 2-3 repetitions. it often happens that people ponadevayut pile of pancakes on the bar for example, and cheating almost from the first repetitions, believing that they are all doing the right thing (exercise), but this is not correct. cheating is appropriate only after (at least) 8 repetitions in order to regress the previous load.

for example, the athlete on monday carried out the lifting of the bar to the biceps weighing 40 kg for 8 repetitions. on the following monday, the athlete needs to lift the bar to the biceps, weighing 40 kg, only now not for 8 repetitions, but for 10. it is very difficult for him, he performed 8 repetitions with the correct technique of execution, but 9 (feels that there is nothing with the correct one you will not do it), so he decides consciously to use cheating in order to regress the load.

75. what is muscle separation?

separation is a clear separation of muscles, their deep drawing. so, if a bodybuilder (bodybuilder) can see all the heads of triceps, biceps, all beams of deltoids (shoulders, ie front, middle, back), etc. then they say about him that he is well separated. in general, a very well traced athlete (ideally dry, everything is clearly visible). to the separation leads to a properly selected diet (diet) + workout for burning excess fat.

76. smoking and bodybuilding, how does smoking affect muscle growth?

smoking and bodybuilding = things are incompatible. poorly affects the growth of muscles, because metabolism slows down (almost twice), so cigarettes are very harmful to the cardiovascular system of the body, in addition, smoking adversely affects the respiratory system, which affects the ability to breathe when doing certain exercises (there in the there is shortness of breath, etc.).

the most important smoking trap is that the destructive effect of cigarettes manifests itself gradually, and the person does not notice how his body works worse and worse. this is me to the fact that those people who claim that smoking does not affect the growth of muscles, be sure you are wrong. still, how it influences … i do not argue that there is no one there to delay (but it is not recommended if you are set up for a healthy lifestyle), which can not be said about constant smoking.

77. is it possible to go to the sauna (bathhouse)?

i certainly would not go to the sauna (bath) after training and on the same day. because the sauna (sauna) = this is an additional stress for your body, and stress is the intensive development of catabolic hormones that destroy the muscles. moreover, be it power or cardio workouts, in any case, they create a significant load on the heart, and in the sauna and bath due to the expansion of blood vessels, the heart begins to contract much more intensively, eventually all of this together can cause an overload of your heart.

therefore, i would (as you recommend) if there is a desire to go to the sauna (bath), then only in those days when you have no planned training, i.e. in days of rest. and when you have a workout, it’s best to just take a normal shower.

78. why is it impossible to copy the techniques of professionals and other athletes?

because pro pro athletes for years prepared their body (body) for such (current) loads. if you repeat their scheme, then you 100% drive yourself into overtraining and stop muscle growth.

79. gainer: what is it? who needs it? / when and how to use it?

gainer – a kind of sports nutrition, consisting of two components: carbohydrates and proteins, or to say more precisely, it is a protein-carbohydrate mixture. those. there is how belok (protein) and carbohydrates (energy) two in one compendo? that is why it carries in itself such a store of energy and strength, it is recommended for ectomorphs (hardgainer), i.e. (thin people) who find it difficult to get mass. i do not recommend other types of body builds.

okay, decided who to take (ectomorph), and who is not desirable (mesomorph and endomorph).

question: when to take a geyner? answer: it’s best before training.

on average, a quality geyner is 20-40 grams of protein, 50-80 grams of carbohydrates and a couple of grams of fat. the number of other ingredients depends on the specific manufacturer, brand of the geyner, etc. i recommend taking such dosages, which are indicated on the package, in no case do not exceed the dose, because large portions simply will not be fully absorbed by the body.

and the preparation is very simple: a portion of dry powder (a dose on the package) was put in water or milk or juice (i recommend milk or juice), then you can drink.

read the main article: “gainer: what is it?”

80. what is the bsaa? / how to take the bsaa?

bzhaa is a complex that consists of 3 irreplaceable amines (that is, the body does not produce them):

  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • valine

leucine and isoleucine (bcaa) are essential amino acids supplied by the normal human food products, which contain a high-grade protein, that is: meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products.

valine (bcaa) is also an indispensable amino acid, which is supplied to the body only from animal products.

our muscles consist of 35% of bcaa, these amino acids (bcaa) participate in the growth of muscles and restore them after heavy physical exertion, because they have anti-catabolic action (ie they slow catabolism – the process of muscle destruction).

in general, btsa are the main material for the growth of new muscles. they are really necessary for the body, but the whole problem is that these amino acids are irreplaceable. they are not synthesized in the human body, so a person can get them only from food and special supplements.

btsa can be considered as fuel for our muscles, because they are safe for health and even improve it (health).

the real dosage of bzaa starts at 5000 mg do and 5000 mg after the workout, or even better for the whole workout, that is, during the training, 10,000 mg is drunk. therefore, i really recommend that you combine your portion “before” and “after” and drink a drink during training – for this is the best time for taking the bsaa !!!!

read the main article: “what is the bcaa?”

81. what are pre-training facilities (energy)? / to whom, when and whether it is necessary to take them?

the pre-training complex is a set of components that makes the training more intensive and productive. the composition includes bzya, creatine, arginine, caffeine, taurine, beta-alanine and minerals, vitamins. those. this is a comprehensive kind of sports nutrition, which includes the aforementioned components.

typically, manufacturers recommend taking in those days when there is no workout. but where is the logic? the meaning is to take them in those days when they do not have a need? this is certainly a nonsense of pure water. so take it before training, only then will there be a return.

is it safe to take pre-training?

these supplements, as you already know, contain a lot of stimulants (caffeine, ephedrine, etc.) many doctors strongly do not recommend taking these complexes because of these stimulants there is a chance of a stroke. by the way, if you take pre-exercise every day, very soon you will get addictive and after a while you will not feel the effect at the very beginning. so my opinion is that lovers should not even think about accepting this abundance of sports nutrition. from time to time you can indulge, no more.

read the main article: “pre-training complexes”

82. what is creatine? / how, how much, when and to whom should it be taken? / side effects / all sorts of issues related to creatine

alas, even in a nutshell here you will not tell. here are the main articles:

  • “creatine in bodybuilding”
  • “creatine with a transport system”
  • “how to take creatine correctly”
  • “side effects from creatine”

83. vitamins in bodybuilding / what vitamins should i take? / to whom, when and how much to take vitamins?

there are two types:

  1. pharmaceutical vitamins and minerals
  2. vitamins and minerals from sports nutrition.

i do not care, i drink what i have. usually it’s pharmacy, for those who have the desire to spend on vitamins from sports. there is no particular difference. i recommend to drink alphabet (there the complex is divided into 3 tablets, white, blue and pink), each of the tablets carries vitamins, minerals, etc. is very good so that not all in one tablet (a heap of vitamins and minerals), but in different. this guarantees assimilation. produced in packs, starting from 60 pieces, ending with 210 pcs. the price depends on the selected package, 200-400 rubles.

to whom to accept: to men, women, children, the elderly (as i said, they are issued in their own way, therefore, choose according to their needs).

apply: morning, lunch and evening. those. in the morning it is white, at lunchtime blue and in the evening pink. or as you are comfortable in color is not important, most importantly, that would be different tablets were during the day.

in general, to whom, how and how much to take vitamins

when to take: you need to take the supplement both at the stage of gaining muscle mass and strength, and at the stage of burning excess fat (drying, working on the relief, etc.).

how much to take: dosage for chemist’s drugs. but at the expense of sports nutrition, just follow the instructions on the package.

for more details about this whole case, see the main article: “vitamin-mineral complexes”

84. sports nutrition: fat burners – what is it? how do fat burners work? / the best fat burners from sports.

fat burners – one of the types of sports nutrition, the essence of which is the burning of excess fat. these are special preparations that help to reduce weight, bring muscle tone, relief.

how do fat burners work?

the main mechanism is to stimulate the metabolism in our body, i.e. suppressed appetite, the process of absorption of fats and carbohydrates slows down, blocking the release of excess fluid. in general, fat burners accelerate the cleavage of fat molecules, they convert fat into energy, while increasing its consumption.

lipo-6x from nutrex – is undoubtedly considered the best fat burner, produced by nutrex. take recommended in the first two days, one capsule in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, and one more capsule after 6 hours, before eating. for 3-4 days you need to increase the dose to 2 capsules in the morning before breakfast and one capsule after lunch. on the 5th day, you can already switch to a dose of 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules after lunch. and so for 8 weeks, after which you need to take a break for one week. side effects can be present in the form of: headache, a sense of anxiety and excitement, sometimes a digestive disorder.

for more details about this whole matter, see the main article: “ fat burners”

85. what are testosterone boosters, who needs them? how to take them, etc.

testosterone boosters are additives, used mainly to increase muscle growth stimulation, increase strength and libido, and they also prevent men’s menopause. it was not long ago that someone asked me to write an article about supplements that increase the production of natural testosterone production. so testosterone booster has this effect.

testosterone boosters are available in various forms, but most often in the form of sports nutrition or dietary supplements, they can be purchased in short without any problems, i.e. do not need any recipes, are sold in sports nutrition stores and pharmacies.

who needs boosters?

we need – for men. these supplements should not be used by persons under the age of 25 years.

in general, optimal reception of boosters is recommended for people older than 30-40 years old, when their own testosterone workings are already reduced, because age makes itself felt. in this case, the intake of such supplements is beneficial to the body in the form of potentiation and libido, and what is most important for us in the form of muscle growth.

boosters only work at the time of their reception, after you stop using them all the effects will disappear.

the most popular boosters of testosterone are tamoxifen and tribulus, below the cheat. about them.

  1. tamoxifen is an effective drug that increases the concentration of testosterone in the serum by 142% of its initial level. he is also called novadex.
  2. tribulus – the most common and effective drug, is now difficult to find in sports stores, tk. this drug was referred to drugs, therefore, it was immediately withdrawn from free sale in sportspita stores, in general, look for it in the pharmacy.

for more details, see the main article: “testosterone boosters”

86. what is testosterone? / the role of testosterone in bodybuilding

testosterone is the main male sex hormone, but it is also present in women. yes, there is a hormone in both men and women, for without it a healthy sexual development is impossible.

  • the testosterone level in men is 10-40 nmol / l.
  • the testosterone level in women is 0.7-3 nmol / l.

for more details, see the main article: “testosterone in bodybuilding”

87. to drink water during training or not?

be sure to drink water, and do not listen to anyone who would not tell you there. during training, water, covering the joints and penetrating into soft tissues, protects them from injuries. moreover, the water is not caloric. you can drink it as much as you like, without fear of becoming fat.

water takes part in the processes of thermoregulation and digestion, in metabolism, and also removes metabolic products from the body and the like. in cases of water shortage, absolutely all physiological functions suffer.

in general, a shortage of water (especially for training) will have a very bad effect on your well-being, even a fatal outcome is possible, you should not risk it.

88. what is gynecomastia (gyno)?

gynecomastia (gyno) is a benign enlargement of the mammary glands or glands in men. gynecomastia is true (due to the proliferation of glandular tissue – breast tissue), as well as false (associated with massive fat deposits with obesity, which increase the volume of the breast). in simple words, the boobs of the peasants become like women)), it is better to see 1 time than to read all this, googol in the helper.

well, on this i end this issue. something very tired, i’ll go make myself happy with something (i deserve the same kind)), hehe. at first i tried to do the ordering of the order, but then i went. i remembered and finished writing. etc. i hope that you liked it and you share the material with your friends in social networks (for this, flip it down and there will be bright buttons). well, i wish you good luck, good mood, and all the achishuennogo something you can wish for. see you through one week, i.e. week)).