Nutrition on the body dryer for men: weekly menu

proper body drying for men involves an integrated approach to nutritional changes and exercise. this is the only sure way to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat, to maintain muscle volume and to ensure the drawing of contours.

how to dry for muscle relief for men at home

before going into the drying mode, calculate on the online calculator the individual parameters of the ratio of fat and muscle. depending on the age indicators will be different. if for a 30-year-old man the norm is 16-20%, for those who are below the 50 will be lower, 12-18% when exceeding 25% in the first case and 28% in the second:

  • goes to the drying of the body, making the menu for the month by day;
  • reduce the weight of shells by 1/3;
  • increase the number of repetitions and sessions;
  • minimally reduce the rest time between sets;
  • include drying at home and gym cardio .

relief nutrition program for men

in drawing up a workout program and diet, it is assumed that body drying lasts1.5 months, and calories are calculated week by week. diet involves a limited intake of fat and carbohydrates.

bwu in men during drying is calculated according to the formula:body weight x 13.7 + height x 5 and minus years. with systematic sports loads, the final figure is multiplied by 1.6, when working in the hall 4-8 times a month – by 1.4.

to dry properly for relief, athletes also follow certain rules in the diet:

  1. do not skip breakfast. refusal to eat in the morning slows down the metabolism.
  2. eat every 3 hours. fractional menu for drying the body every day increases metabolism. moreover, frequent meals prevents the onset of bouts of hunger.
  3. fast carbohydrates are completely excluded from the diet, they limit the intake of slow carbohydrates to 200 – 70 g per day.
  4. 2/3 of the ration eat up to 15 hours. in the morning, digestion is more active and food is quickly absorbed.
  5. dine 4 hours before bedtime.

an example of a menu for drying the body for men every day

they make up the program in such a way that the body receives the necessary nutrients, but at the expense of “sugar” reserves, they took the energy of their fat depots and promptly removed the decay products.


every morning start with 1-2 glasses of warm water with lemon.

  1. for breakfast, eat 250 grams of low-fat cottage cheese with berries or orange.
  2. snack chicken breast with steamed buckwheat, washed down with unsalted tomato juice.
  3. for lunch, prepare baked or boiled veal with 100 g of brown rice, vegetable salad with a spoon of vegetable oil.
  4. at lunch they eat 3 eggs, fermented milk product with bran.
  5. for dinner – stew stew with meat and vegetables.
  6. before bedtime, drink a slow protein .

menu for men on tuesday

  1. 3 eggs, 150 g of cottage cheese, unsweetened fruit.
  2. baked fish with brown rice, cabbage-carrot salad with linseed, sesame or olive oil.
  3. fish soup, boiled shrimps + baked broccoli and cauliflower with garlic-lemon sauce.
  4. 50 g unsalted cheese, 60 g cashews.
  5. salmon steak in the oven + 100 g of baked potatoes in the peel.
  6. protein shake .

homemade menu for drying on wednesday

  1. omelette on a pair of 3 eggs, kefir with bran.
  2. rice with spinach + half avocado.
  3. steamed beef cutlets or paella with mussels + salad.
  4. smoothies with green apple, parsley, spinach, sorrel, kefir, half avocado + 6 walnuts.
  5. meat in foil + baked zucchini with eggplants.
  6. casein .

food for drying on thursday

  1. oatmeal with berries + yogurt with 2 bran spoons.
  2. white chicken meat + portion of rye flour pasta + leaf salad + tomato + cucumber
  3. stuffed beef and rice with eggplants or zucchini, peppers in tomato sauce.
  4. 6 proteins + 60 g almonds + 50 g cheese.
  5. homemade veal baked ham + cabbage salad + kefir.
  6. protein .

friday menu

  1. steamed buckwheat + kefir with bran.
  2. avocado + 4 squirrels.
  3. risotto of unpolished rice with seafood.
  4. cottage cheese + 6 walnuts.
  5. baked shrimps in milk sauce + vegetables.
  6. sporpit

saturday nutrition program for men

  1. savory cottage cheese casserole berries and yogurt + 2 liters of bran.
  2. baked or boiled turkey with a portion of lettuce of radish, chinese cabbage, green onions.
  3. brown rice risotto with mushrooms.
  4. 6 proteins + a handful of pumpkin seeds + a slice of cheese.
  5. seafood salad.
  6. protein.


protein day

  1. 5 proteins + granular curd with bran.
  2. mussels in lemon sauce.
  3. eggplant stuffed with meat or mussels.
  4. squids stuffed with mushrooms and eggs without cream sauce.
  5. salmon steak or hake in the oven (slow cooker) with lemon juice.

it is possible to dry a man’s body within a month only if the volumes of servings are reduced to 200 g and the daily calories are observed. the permissible amount of slowly digestible carbohydrates per day in the first week is 2 g / 1 kg of body weight. so, with a weight of 80 kg, only 160 g is laid, with 85 kg – 170 g.

diet for a month

the menu on the second week has more restrictions. the permitted rate of carbohydrate consumption is 1 g / 1 kg of weight . foods with a glycemic index above 40 are only allowed before lunch. portions of cereals, side dishes of cereals are even 6 tbsp. l cheese, starchy and sweet root vegetables – potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes – are removed from the menu .

how to dry the guys at 3 and 4 weeks

the amount of carbohydrates is reduced to 0.7 g / 1 kg. 80% of the menu are proteins. caloric intake does not exceed 1500 kcal. however, there can be no universal advice for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. one needs to make the body lean, the second to fall into another weight class or achieve separation of the muscles. therefore, the proposed version of the diet each adapts for themselves, based on the goals, characteristics of the metabolism, level of load.

what to do if health deteriorates

impotence, apathy, taste of acetone in the mouth are signs of ketone poisoning. to neutralize discomfort sensations daily carbohydrate rate is adjusted to 200-300 g and increase the consumption of pure water. if a day does not drink about 3 liters of fluid, the body will suffer from dehydration. so that it does not linger in the tissues, salt is removed from the diet . after stabilization, the state returns to the sports diet.

useful video about food on the dryer for men