Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen)

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A substance possessing sufficient popularity among athletes of power direction, clenbuterol come to the rescue, if desired, to get rid of excess weight. This medication was made with the intention of using in the treatment of bronchial asthma, so the tablets can be easily bought, and the price allows.


 This remedy is considered to be a type of beta-adrenoceptors, when interacting with beta-2 receptors, they start chemical processes that promote stimulation and increase the growth of muscle tissues in the body. This medication, has the ability to accelerate the sympathetic nervous system, which begins an intensified procedure for processing fat deposits.

Athletes who use this drug have never had doubts about the effect of this drug on the elimination of excessive fat, but its anabolic effects on the body are not significant. Clenbuterol Buy Clen-Max significantly affects the endurance of the athlete, resulting in a worldwide anti-doping agency imposed a ban on the use of clenbuterol in the preparatory phase for the competition.

 Clenbuterol is used by those athletes who are going to perform drying without losing muscle mass.

 The drug because of its inherent characteristics, is relatively often used by women involved in sports.

 When following the right diet, the drug even more reveals its own anti-catabolic properties. They are less pronounced when containing a large number of calories in the athlete’s diet.

 Using clenbuterol, Buy Klenprime 40 along with fat burning, the athlete acquires an increased one-third metabolism. By this method, the athlete is first released from the existing fatty fibers, and secondly, prevents the appearance of new ones.

 Being a medication prescribed for curing bronchial asthma, the drug is easy to buy at a pharmacy, and its price is not great.


 The drug shows a noticeable effect on the body, especially with a systematic and intense training process. Clenbuterol at the exact dose and the course duration, brings the following positive changes:

  1. Significant reduction in the total proportion of body fat.
  2. Effective drying, without significant loss of muscle mass.
  3. Fast and high-quality reconstruction of the liquid balance, due to the fact that excess water is removed.
  4. Significant effect of counteracting catabolism while observing strict protein nutrition.
  5. Incompatible anabolic effects.
  6. It has an effect on a decrease in appetite, which generally leads to a decrease in the total proportion of fat.

 A prerequisite for the appearance of positive effects from the use of clenbuterol, are intense training, and not just a walk along the street. It is impossible to get a decent result without paying the corresponding price. It is necessary for an organism to feel the need to modify its own appearance.

Useful advice: Buy steroids, has the right, any athlete, but they will be able to use them precisely, having consulted a specialist who understands in the field of sports medicine, or you need to consult with the old athletes who pumped with their help. The price of each anabolic is different, and can vary significantly in stores in Moscow. Curious information about this, it is possible to buy on our website, and after learning them you can buy from us Buy Astralean at a reasonable price, there is also delivery.


 For the production of injections of clenbuterol, it is a good idea to use a syringe made for mesotherapy and having several small needles to inject the drug, thus multiplying the area of ​​entry of clenbuterol into the body. In case of unreality, buy and use this syringe, use an ordinary insulin syringe, producing several small injections for one administration of the substance, this is quite uncomfortable, due to the fact that “Clen” occurs many times in one injection. The injections are produced, just in the problem areas, however it is not advisable to produce them in the same part several times in succession, changing each time the place for input, so as not to earn irritation of the skin of the skin. The drug, excellently combined with yohimbine, with their alternation, the procedure for the destruction of fatty fibers will significantly accelerate.

 Norms for admission recommended for athletes when using clenbuterol in tablets should not exceed 140 mcg per day, it is not recommended to use more than 100 mcg for athletes. Presented norms of oral administration are best suited both for drying and for weight loss.

 The course of application of clenbuterol, lasts approximately two weeks. To increase this period is not advised, in connection with the lack of demonstrated effectiveness due to the formation of adaptation to the active substance. The course can be repeated, but not earlier than two weeks later. When combined with ketotifenom, which can be bought in any pharmacy, the duration of reception of Buy Klenprime 60 can be increased, and the effectiveness of use will also increase. At times the reception is formed, so: 2 days clenbuterol is used, for the same period a pause is made, in this order there is an opportunity to extend the course of use for a month.

 Following the rules of a strict special diet and the use of special sports nutrition, contributes to a significant increase in the effectiveness of the use of clenbuterol.

 There was a manifestation of the synergistic effect when the drug was combined with steroid agents. Because clenbuterol is started to be used in combination with anabolics, shortly before the completion of their course. Along with this, in a similar combination with an excessive dosage, it is likely the appearance of an increase in the cardiac ventricles.

 Using the drug, the athlete significantly increases the process of aromatization of androgens. At the same time, the content of estradiol in the body is significantly multiplied, which subsequently assists in obtaining more substantial amounts of muscular mass. Nevertheless, when the concentration of this hormone is exceeded, only negative effects on the body are detected. By this method the drug helps to increase the result from the use of steroid substances with a small degree of aromatization.

 With prolonged use of clenbuterol, 40 μg should be taken right before exercise. Having used the drug, before the training process, it is possible to significantly increase the power parameters and raise the oxygen content in muscle tissues, which will allow training in a more saturated manner, with the result from it being significantly improved.

Useful advice:  It is necessary to watch your condition carefully after taking the drug. Since the use of clenbuterol significantly increases erectile function, it is likely the emergence of a prolonged erection. This property does not always awaken pleasant feelings. As a result of long stagnation of blood in the genitals, strong pain and discomfort are likely. If you have this effect, you need to lower the use of clenbuterol.


 At the use of a preparation, negative influences can already begin within 5 first days. Among the most common are:

  • Significant sweating, even at rest;
  • Rise in temperature;
  • Change in heart rate;
  • Trembling fingers;
  • An easy migraine;
  • Increased excitability;
  • Sleep disorder.

 With the use of clenbuterol, athletes may experience symptoms of anxiety and nausea.

 All negative consequences after use of the drug are easily eliminated by the use of ketotifen. If the overdose is strong enough, you need to rinse the stomach and drink activated charcoal.

 It is not allowed to use the drug with increased susceptibility to its components, diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is possible to use clenbuterol, but adhering to special precautionary measures for diabetes and hyperthyroidism.


 Analyzing reviews of athletes who used the drug, it is necessary to note their sublime level. The price of clenbuterol completely corresponds to the acquired quality and in order to buy clenbuterol, one does not need to have any extra-specialties and this is done without prescriptions. But they can be acquired by passing its course application. Consumed clenbuterol athletes, are satisfied with the fruits.

 The least negative effects with the correct use of the drug, also contribute to the rise of the celebrity clenbuterol.

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