Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)

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Effective for muscular growth in dry form, Winstrol, has an enormous popularity among bodybuilders. The drug shows a 3-fold superiority in comparison with testosterone by its anabolic effect and less by one third androgenic effect on the body. It is quite common and it is not difficult to buy, especially since the price is not very high.


 Injection Winstrol is extremely common for burning fat deposits, not intensive addition of first-class dry muscle mass, significant increase in power parameters and removal of excess fluid from the body.

 Mainly, Winstrol is used by athletes during the preparatory stage for performances. Accurately selected diet and intense training strengthen the effectiveness of this anabolic, providing the athlete with quality muscle mass and increase in power parameters.

 Winstrol, when used in combination with other anabolic agents, a more intense androgenic effect, in particular, parabolan, will bring staggering fruit.

 Having achieved the necessary indicators when using Winstrol, do not worry about rolling back.

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 The effectiveness of Winstrol, directly depends on the accuracy of dosage and the duration of use. The most important positive effects of the steroid:

  1. The quality and speed of reducing the total weight of body fat.
  2. Perfection of aesthetics and quality of muscles.
  3. Significant increase in physical strength.
  4. Increase in the speed of metabolic processes.
  5. Increase the resistance of the body and the speed of its recovery.
  6. Apparent increase in the effectiveness of other anabolic drugs used together with Winstrol.
  7. Reducing the effects of aromatase.

Useful advice: The  fame of Winstrol, became the reason for countless imitations and before buying a drug, it must be carefully examined. Identify the fake helps, then that a genuine high-quality winstroke in oil is prone to precipitation, if during some period it was in a calm state. When examining the ampoule of the present Winstrol, in its lower part with the naked eye there will be a white precipitate, dissolving with shaking. The cost of Winstrol can not be very different from the market one.


 Winstrol is recommended for athletes who want to get the most relief and venous, with a parallel increase in the parameters of physical strength.

 To start using Winstrol you need with the lowest dosage of 10 milligrams, gradually reaching the usual one for a week.

 When taking the substance in the injection form, it is not advisable to exceed the dosage more than 50 milligrams and not exceed the duration of consumption for more than seven weeks.

 When using Winstrol in oral form, the daily dose is 30 milligrams, not exceeding the duration of intake more than five weeks.

The most important difference between Winstrol and many anabolic substances is that its active ingredient dissolves in oil. This method makes injections the most effective. Nevertheless, the action speed shortens the activity time and Winstrol Depot, it is necessary to inject twice daily.

 The optimal effect is given by the use of the drug in the injectable form, moreover, this method is the least toxic for the liver. A few days after the end of consuming vinstrol, you need to do restorative therapy.

To obtain the optimal result, you need to use a special sports nutrition with a complex intake of vitamins.


  Winstrol, as well as other preparations of steroid exposure with erroneous dosage and increase in the course of use, can lead to negative consequences for the athlete’s body. The most obvious side effects can be:

  • Feeling of pain in the joints;
  • Increased risk of injury to ligaments due to their weakening;
  • Significant changes in blood pressure;
  • Increasing the amount of cholesterol in the body;
  • Occurrence of risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • The manifestation of acne;
  • Decreased synthesis of own testosterone;
  • Baldness in the head and increased hair growth on the body;

 Also it is necessary to notice comparatively strong painful sensations during the injection.


  The overwhelming number of athletes using Winstrol reported positive characteristics. By multiplying endurance and strength, a steroid does not give a significant weight gain, which allows the athlete to remain in his own weight class. The drug is excellently combined with other preparations of a steroid nature and gives excellent results. Relatively tolerant price, allows you to buy the drug without causing damage to the budget. Negative reviews are associated with a relatively noticeable pain during the injection.

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