How to lose belly fat

do you think how to get rid of falling out belly, not how to get abs? a simple and effective way to remove fat from belly fast is written below.

fat belly – how to lose weight?

visceral fatexcessive caloric intake is the main reason why the sides and the abdomen gaining visceral fat. despite the fact that most fat people tend to think that their puffy forms appeared because of genetics and age-related changes, it is the excess energy supplied from food (and like for sweets) is the most significant factor in the combination of fat on the abdomen and hips.

it is also important that it isn’t as easy to shed extra calories and lose belly fat with the help of physical exercises as it seems – one glass of cola is equivalent to a two-kilometer jog. in addition, the majority of soda, juice, candies and ice cream contains fructose syrup, that disrupting the metabolism and gaining fat on the abdomen, sides and thighs.

belly fat: age and pregnancy

it is the huge number of people with increased body weight and trying to lose belly fat, only a few of them have “full-body” genetics. even if they really have metabolic disorders, the reason is often not in dna, but in their unhealthy diets and a chronically inactive lifestyle.

it is also improperly to think that the growth of the abdomen is a consequence of growing up, affecting all men after thirty (in reality, male metabolism begins to slow down not earlier than 50 years), or the consequence of pregnancy (there are many examples when women successfully lose belly fat after a few weeks since birth of a child).lose belly fat

man belly fat exercises

in order to lose side belly fat you must first abandon the high-calorie food. in addition, it is recommended to attentively learn the guide for side belly fat workout, as well as additives that accelerate metabolism.

subject to the following rules, men can easily lose 3-5 kg per month and lose belly fat:

  1. stop eating in front of the tv. the most common cause of overeating with concomitant excess of calorie intake and as a result the gaining of weight in your abdominal area is eating while watching tv. people don’t notice the huge amount of food that they eat. if you want to lose weight – check the size of food portions and try not to overeat.
  2. set a goal to lose 4 kg and not to “lose weight by the summer.”

the more specific goal you have and objective is your motivation, the better chances you have to succeed. you should strive to lose 4 kg in a month, rather than trying to “build muscles” or “remove the sides before vocations”. summer can be rainy and by the autumn you will forget that you wanted to lose weight.

  1. go on a simple diet.

remember that weight loss diets are much more effective for men than for women. compliance with even simple diets such as mediterranean or paleo diets can significantly reduce weight in the first weeks without any physical activities. however, resist the temptation of quick results and don’t go on the “hungry” diets, the lost weight will return.

  1. carefully start to training.

if you have never been jogging, don’t try to jog for 30 minutes for the first time. among other things, men are often thinking that they lose more calories by trainings than they eat and they are wrong.

  1. study the scientific materials about fat workout.

in order to lose weight in abdominal area, it is important to understand why your body decided to form fat reserves in these places. modern researches prove that there are several types of fat in the human body, which are formed with different types of food and require their own strategy for losing weight.

  1. replace fat with muscle.

a set of muscles will not only increase the level of testosterone in the body, but also return confidence to you and increase sexual attractiveness. however, it is important to separate the goals for abdominal exercises and for muscle gain – unfortunately, the body cannot effectively combine them.

  1. strengthen the abdominal muscles.

it is only necessary to do exercises for build muscles on the abdominal area after you can hide the abdomen under a t-shirt. remember that any person has abdominal muscles, but many of them are hidden under a layer of fat. exceptionally healthy diet, not exercise, can help to lose weight.

diet for losing belly fat

diet for losing belly fattrying to lose belly fat as quickly as possible, many people are eating less, they believe that in this way they can lose side belly fat in just a few weeks. unfortunately, this strategy of weight loss leads only to a negative hormonal response of the body, as a result of which – the fat can begin to gain even faster.

the best diet to help you lose weight isn’t “shock therapy” at all, but a smooth transition to a diet containing as many natural products as possible (fresh vegetables and various cereals) with maximum refusal from sweets, convenience foods and fast food. such diet will help not only to lose weight quickly, but also help to maintain a stable weight in the future.

abandon fatty food and lose weight?

it isn’t necessary to completely abandon the fat in the diet to remove fat from belly. most types of vegetable oils are useful, and their exclusion from the diet threatens with metabolic disorders. the problem of fat gaining is overeating and a harmful combination of nutrients in a diet – almost all the “wrong” fatty foods contain significant amounts of fast carbohydrates and salt.

ordinary salt is a powerful flavor enhancer. by reducing the amount of salt in foods you will significantly reduce their consumption, because the food will seem tasteless. in addition to the fact that salt makes you overeat, it increases the retention of body fluids, which is another reason for the fat gaining of the abdomen and sides.

how to get rid of stretch marks?

stretch marks on the skin after losing weight is a typical problem for most people trying to lose belly fat. in their structure, such stretch marks are micro-scars and signals of deep damage of the skin. it is almost impossible to get rid of the already formed stretch marks, it is necessary to begin to fight them from the very first weeks of losing weight.

also, scientific studies show that the formation of stretch marks on the skin is closely related to the high level of the stress hormone cortisol – however, it is this hormone that rises with a sharp refusal to eat and do exhausting exercises. this once again confirms the fact that you need to lose weight gradually and in a “safe” mode, and not try to lose belly fat for 3 days.

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