Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

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Oxymetholone is the general name for the category of anabolic steroids, developed back in the sixties of the twentieth century. Initially, this drug was synthesized and used as a medicine for anemia, as well as for restoring muscles in patients weakened by the course of a long illness. Subsequently, Oxymetholone was used both for the treatment of osteoporosis and even for the treatment of HIV-infected people. However, athletes very quickly found positive properties of the steroid and now the main sphere of its application is sports.


This steroid is one of the most powerful sports drugs in principle. So, athletes talk about a set of muscle mass up to fifteen kilograms per course! Is this not the result? Oxymetholone has anabolic activity, three times that of testosterone and almost three times less than androgenic. In this case, drugs of this type are very common. Until recently, athletes had the choice of literally between a pair of producers from Turkey and South Korea, but now the market for steroids is incredibly rich in oxymetalon. The most famous brands are Oxidrolone, Oxiplex, Anapolon, Oxidrol and a number of other less popular names.

The main positive properties of the drug:

  • Impressive muscular growth
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Strengthening of joints and ligaments
  • An increase in the effect of other steroids, that is, a pronounced combination effect


Oxymetholone is produced mainly in the form of tablets, although Farmakom Labs also produces an injection steroid. The dosage of the drug depends on many factors and in most cases is determined individually. The maximum safe daily dose of Oxymetholone is 100 mg, but for beginners it is recommended to start with half the volume. The duration of the course also varies, depending on the level of training and goals of the athlete, and can range from four to six weeks. Increasing the dosage or duration of the course will not lead to an increase in the indicators, but only increases the possibility of side effects. At the end of the course, there is a mandatory post-course therapy to restore the natural level of testosterone.


The drug has no estrogenic side effects , but this does not mean that it is completely safe. A certain “pobochka” from him still occurs, as well as from any steroid. However, in most cases, the negative impact of anabolic on the body is caused by a violation of the instructions for the use of the drug – an increase in the dosage or the duration of the Oxymetholone course. In certain cases, side effects may occur in athletes with an individual predisposition or high sensitivity to the components of the drug. Before the start of the course, it is best to get acquainted with the possible side effects of the steroid.

  1. Progestogen activity. The drug stimulates the release of hormones, similar to estrogen, but a weaker action. Among the complaints of athletes can be observed swelling, fluid accumulation in the body and gynecomastia.
  2. Decreased level of natural testosterone. In comparison with other anabolic steroids, the effect is much smaller, but after the end of the course, post-course therapy is still necessary.
  3. Diarrhea, mild nausea, worsening of appetite. This applies mainly to the oral version of the steroid.
  4. Significant rollback – there is a loss of mass up to a third of the recruited. Correct PBC helps to minimize this effect.


Oxymetholone is very good in both solo and combined courses. The effect of the drug manifests itself almost immediately, but to further increase it, you can connect a variety of anabolic steroids. To increase muscle growth, ligaments with Trenbolone, Primobolan or Boldenone are used, with Testosterone or Stanozolol for improving strength.


In general, athletes respond well about this steroid. Oksimetalon – not the drug from which you need to start your acquaintance with anabolics. Applying it requires a certain experience, and then it is fully revealed. Powerful muscle growth, lack of aromatization, increased strength and stamina – that’s what sports veterans love for it. Buy steroids with this or another active substance you can in the online store of sports pharmacology “Steroids-USA”. A wide selection of drugs, experienced consultants, prompt delivery are our distinctive advantages!

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