Trenbolone enanthate

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Anabolic trenbolone, having a strong steroid effect, shocks with its effectiveness in use. Being, almost like trenbolone acetate, enanthate has, in comparison with it, a longer half-life, an increased content of trenbolone. At the same time, a more significant increase in muscle mass and a significant increase in force parameters can be achieved.


The newest anabolic trenbolone, which has a strong influence, is able to help the destruction of fatty deposits, while at the same time spurring an increase in the impressive mass of musculature, which also receives a distinctly pronounced relief. Applying Trenbolone enanthate, the athlete can not be afraid of increasing the subcutaneous fat layer and accumulating useless fluid. Without modifying the effect of aromatase and not having shown estrogenic activity, Trenbolone has earned well-deserved fame, despite the fact that its price is relatively high.

As a derivative of the hormone nandrolone, the drug is classified as class 19 nortsesterone. At the same time, the tranbolon produced two transformed variations, which brought to the trenbolone the updated qualities that do not exist in nandrolone. The paired ties that are in c9 and c11 take possession of the bundles necessary for aromatization, taking away this opportunity from trenbolone. Nandrolone, in these circumstances, although not active, but flavored, rebuilding into oestradiol. Another significant difference of trenbolone is found in the strongest androgenic activity, 5 times higher than testosterone in this ratio.

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Effectiveness and rich development in the formation of physical and weight characteristics, with the use of trenbolone enanthate, causes its use, mainly for seasoned athletes. For beginners, it is advised to start using lighter anabolic drugs. Athletes with the use of enanthate, acquire:

  1. Enhanced set of pure muscular volume.
  2. Significant increase in the potentials of physical and anabolic parameters, based on endurance and strength.
  3. Multiplication of the rapidity of protein metabolism, as well as the synthesis of amino acids within cells.
  4. In muscle mass, an increase in stiffness parameters is noted.
  5. Forcing recovery processes after training with high loads.
  6. Decrease in the total number of fat deposits in the body.

Based on the effective influence of the trenbolone, the athlete who uses it will be able to improve his own external and physical characteristics within a small time interval, achieving the desired result relatively quickly.


Taking into account the powerful influence of trenbolone enanthate on the body, you need to carefully approach the dosage of this drug.

For the initial course of the use of trenbolone enanthate, 200 milligrams per week will suffice. In the subsequent dose it is possible to raise up to 400 milligrams. An even greater increase in dosage, without delivering significant progress, can cause quite substantial damage to the body.

The use of the drug must be carried out with the following rules:

  • Do not increase the duration of the course beyond a month and a half;
  • Use a drug that does not cause doubt in originality;
  • Combining the use of trenbolone enanthate with other anabolic agents, make sure of their authenticity;
  • Use at least 2.5 liters of fluid per day;
  • Use trenbolone enanthate at the same time, whenever possible in the evening;
  • Do not use enanthate more than 2 courses per year;
  • To inject a trenbolone into the gluteus muscle, trying to inject it slowly, with a needle of a long length.
  • If injected intramuscularly, there is an increased pain reaction, it is necessary to treat the injection area.

Athletes who are expected to compete in competitions where it is necessary to conduct doping tests, it is necessary to take into account that the period of removal of the active substance from the body continues for 5 months, then the doping test will show a negative result.


With an increase in the dosage of trenbolone, there may be manifestations of such negative effects as:

  • A significant change in blood pressure;
  • Increased fat sebaceous glands;
  • Occurrence of acne;
  • baldness;
  • Significant manifestations of unmotivated aggression;

Following the course, it is possible to reduce sexual desire and the onset of testicular atrophy.

Significantly reduce the negative impact, will help the use of substances such as gonadotropin or cabergoline.


With a stable and rapid formation of the market of anabolic drugs, a large number of experienced athletes choose the use of trenbolone. Leaving feedback on it only from the positive side of the athletes, almost show amazing effects after its use. Athletes notice a significant set of muscle mass, in brief time intervals. For example, during one course of use of trenbolone enanthate, individual athletes, choosing the optimal dosage and combination with other anabolic agents, and also following a certain diet, form up to 10 kilograms.  The correct dosage and precise use practically exclude the possibility of negative consequences or significantly reduce the severity of their results.

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