Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)

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A relatively common means of steroid effect on the body. This drug began to be produced in the middle of the 20th century, under the name Winstrol. Has a wide range of uses in many sports and was found in doping tests among many renowned athletes.


This drug is produced both in tablets and in the form of an aqueous suspension for injections. Intramuscular use of stanozolol is preferable, because its effectiveness is 1.5 times higher. Stanozolol anabolic parameters are twice as high as testosterone, and its androgenic response to a third is less pronounced.

Using the drug athlete, gets the chance to quickly and qualitatively work out muscular relief, not particularly significantly gaining weight. This is especially necessary for those who do not want to find themselves in a higher weight category.

Stanozolol does not decompose in the liver, but nevertheless remains toxic towards it.

The drug is immediately absorbed into the blood, but acts relatively briefly, about 8 hours. Some time after the injection, the athlete acquires a charge of freshness, and in an absolute degree experiences all the strength of the steroid.

The drug is very popular among athletes because of its small androgenic effect.

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Representing a powerful and rapid anabolic agent, stanozolol shows its effects almost instantly. Especially characteristic for this steroid, the following positive effects on the body:

  • Excellent drawing of the relief of muscles.
  • Significant reduction in body fat.
  • The drying result is increased several times.
  • An important increase in appetite.
  • The rate of removal of excess water.
  • Increase of power parameters.

Brisk increase in endurance and speed of recovery after intense training.
Stanozolol effectively reduces the content of globulin, which binds the sex cells. It is because of this combining stanozolol with other anabolic agents, you can significantly enhance their effect.

Useful advice: Given the great popularity of the drug presented, and considering its most important results, the correct ways of its establishment during doping testing were developed. At the moment, in any competitions of a solid level, laboratories are required to treat with the greatest rigor the detection of stanozolol. Because of this, using stanozolol, you need to know for sure about waiting for doping testing, so that the price of the result is not too big.


Stanozolol when used for sporting purposes requires a strict dosage. The drug in pricks, use not more than 50 milligrams of times a couple of days. For faster destruction of fatty deposits, individual athletes raise the norm to 100 milligrams and produce everyday injections of stanozolol. With such an increased dosage, it is not permissible to do a course duration of more than two weeks, since it is possible to acquire very serious liver damage.

The drug in tablets is chosen for use mainly by athletes. For them, the rate is reduced and assumes 5 milligrams of daily intake. Not predisposed to masculinization, women will be able to raise the norm to 10 milligrams.

The product of injections in the chosen group of muscles is comparatively popular, which, according to the stories of individual athletes, strengthens this muscle. In tablets, the drug is used in a dosage of 20 to 30 mg per day. It should be noted here that injections of the drug cause very sensitive pain and are not advised to produce them in the same area.

In a course when several steroid drugs are combined, mixing in a syringe this drug and an anabolic substance based on oils is prohibited.


Almost identical with other substances of anabolic effect. To reduce the possibility of negative results for the body should strictly adhere to the norm and duration of the course. However, despite following all precautionary measures, there may appear such negative effects as:

  1. Significant fluctuations in blood pressure;
  2. Manifestation of acne;
  3. Increased cholesterol;
  4. Signs of atherosclerosis;
  5. Pain in the bones;
  6. Damage to the liver.

Along with the above, athletes may contain ovarian function and menstrual cycle disorder.

It is forbidden to use Stanozolol with particular susceptibility to certain components, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, prostatitis, hepatic and renal insufficiency.


Showing the quick and visible modifications of stanozolol, it enjoys the popularity earned by many power-oriented athletes. Effectively destroying fatty fibers, the anabolic expresses clearly the texture of the musculature. Again, it must be borne in mind that the prices for stanozolol are tolerable and it does not pose any problems. Adhering to the norm and following the established diet, the athlete will get the least amount of negative results and the most desired result.

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