Testosterone propionate

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Possessing extensive popularity in a variety of sports, power orientation, propionate is effectively used by most athletes. This testosterone ester is distributed due to a limited number of negative effects, as well as the probability of using at each stage of the preparatory process, especially since it is not difficult to buy it today. Excellent saving and increasing the mass of muscles, steroid means, it is very useful for preparation for performances. In our store you can buy Testosterone at an attractive price.


 To increase the active effect of testosterone, particles are synthesized by scientific methods, while their main composition changes. Testosterone propionate, is a molecule of testosterone with the addition of propionic acid ester. This combination, allowed to increase the influence of the active component several times.

Propionate is considered one of the lightest types of androgenic testosterone and has a mild effect on the body. With the use of propionate, the possibility of physical development is greatly increased, the volume of muscle mass in the body is rapidly increasing.


 The effectiveness of propionate, is shown instantly, due to the influence of the active substance that affects the athlete’s body. The most important positive characteristics acquired by an athlete using testosterone propionate are:

  1. Rapid and invariably progressing power generation.
  2. A clear manifestation of the relief of the musculature.
  3. Increase the rapidity of metabolic changes in the body.
  4. Increase the speed of recovery of the athlete’s body, after grueling training.
  5. An increase in the total level of testosterone in the body.
  6. Increase the speed of recovery of muscle tissue.
  7. Addition of specific volume of muscle mass.
  8. The total content of fatty deposits decreases.
  9. Increases sexual desire.
  10. The risk of complications with the cardiovascular system decreases.

 There is also a stable ability to eliminate useless fluid from the body. Similarly, the athlete, using testosterone propionate, acquires quality musculature in its pure form. The speed with which propionate proceeds to action is explained by the rapidity of its absorption by the circulatory system, while the substance is also rapidly removed from the body.

Helpful advice:  Having set a goal, buy steroids, the athlete must carefully approach the choice of the supplier, while not necessarily looking for only in USA. Using the Internet in America, you can buy any anabolic without prescriptions with delivery, especially since it is almost impossible to purchase it in a pharmacy. You can buy propionate on the site and its price will be quite acceptable.


 Inexperienced athletes who decide to stop their preference for propionate will be able to limit themselves to drinking, once in two days, 50 milligrams.

 More trained athletes, in order to acquire a sensitive effect, inject an injection of 100 milligrams each day.

 In the case of prolonged use of propionate, in a significant dosage, it is required to carry out recovery procedures after the end of the course. For their conduct, you need to use drugs with anti-estrogenic effects. Also after the completion of the course of taking a steroid, you need to take substances that block cortisol.

 It is possible to take testosterone propionate with a combination of other anabolic drugs. In this case, the effect of the reception will be significantly increased, but this does not exclude the possibility of using only propionate.

 Combining the use of testosterone propionate with retabolil can significantly increase the amount of musculature and at the same time achieve rapid recovery of muscles damaged as a result of training.

In combination with a protein diet, the consequences of using propionate will be increased.

 Essential is the withdrawal from the course of the use of propionate, with its reasonable organization, the action from the reception will be delayed for a long time, otherwise the funds will not only be spent in vain, but there is a likelihood of health problems.


 Increasing the dosage and exceeding the duration of the course of consumption of testosterone propionate can lead to negative results for the body. Considering the considerable frequency of injections, it is possible to distinguish the following negative effects:

  • Hypertrophic changes in the prostate;
  • Precipitation of acne;
  • Increased aggression;
  • Acute pains, redness of the skin, at the site of the injections.

 Following the completion of the course, the concentration of natural testosterone decreases, since propionate has the ability to suppress hormone production by the body. The organism needs about 3 months to recreate this function.


  Athletes who used testosterone propionate, testify to the positive consequences of its correct use, especially when integrated, with a properly constructed dietary system. Propionate is hardly used by athletes, because of its powerful masculinization. The popularity of propionate also affects, that it is quite easy to buy and tolerate price. Also, the positive consequences of using anabolic can be attributed, that the doping test will bring a negative result after a month after the termination of its use.

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