Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)

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The drug steroid effect, which refers to the most mild and safe anabolic, masteron, qualitatively highlights the relief and enhances the beauty and aesthetic characteristics of the musculature. This significantly reduces the concentration of specific gravity of fat deposits and increases the overall level of endurance.


The active active component of the masterone is drostanolone. Not a significant period, which is required for withdrawal from the body, makes its use permissible during the preparatory stage before the speeches.

Masteron is a strong steroid, has an anabolic and androgenic effect on the athlete’s body, and aromatase inhibition occurs. The anabolic agent is not subject to transformation into estrogens. The exposure time of the active ingredient in the body does not exceed 3 days from the time of administration, as a result of which the frequency of injection is increased.

Buy steroids, perhaps in ampoules of 50 or 100 milligrams. Masteron is used not only in power sports, but also in athletics. In modern conditions, you need to carefully buy drugs considering their quality and the manufacturer, the opportunity to face counterfeit products is extremely significant, both in Russia and in Ukraine.


 The effectiveness of the drug manifests itself with considerable speed and the results of positive transformations in the body, it is possible to notice already during the first week of its use. Most manifest themselves:

  1. A significant increase in the speed and strength of the athlete, increasing his endurance.
  2. Long-term effects on the elimination of fatty fibers.
  3. Increase in the quality of the musculature mass and its characteristics.
  4. An increase in the rate of anabolic reactions in the body.
  5. Reducing the time to restore the body after carrying out intense training processes.
  6. Removal of unwanted liquid from the body.
  7. The risk of injury is reduced.

The active substances that make up the masteron act overwhelmingly on aromatase and reduce the concentration of estradiol. The drug does not inhibit the production of its own testosterone in the body and does not affect the change in the hormonal level, which has a favorable effect on the general condition of the athlete.

Useful advice:  Any sportsman can use the pharmacology of any kind, and the master in particular, but it is possible to use them correctly only after consulting with a specialist who understands the field of sports medicine therapy, or it is necessary to listen to the recommendations of athletes pumping on the master. Interesting information about this can be found on the Steroids-USA website , and the most favorable price will be given here.


 The dose of the drug is selected personally and depends on the  physical characteristics of the athlete and the duration of his experience. To acquire a quick and effective adjustment of the body and reduce the risk of adverse effects, it is not advisable to use a dosage exceeding 500 milligrams weekly. This amount of the masteron should be distributed in equal parts for the introduction of 3 injections for the whole week. The course of the drug continues for more than a month and a half. This period and dosage are most suitable, exceeding them will not show a positive effect, but will significantly increase the risk of side effects.

Masteron from time to time use to exit the course, formed on the use of heavier steroid drugs, for fixing action.

 This anabolic agent is perfectly combined with other steroid preparations. For example, using a masteron in combination with testosterone, the most significant addition of muscle mass is seen.


Masteron can be characterized by a reduced anabolic index, as a result of which the risk of negative androgenic effects increases. When following the optimal dosages and the duration of the course of application of the drug, the risk of negative effects is minimal, but it is not possible to completely eliminate their manifestation. The most important negative effects are:

  • The appearance of redness on the skin, the manifestation of acne;
  • Increased growth of hair on the face and body, reducing the amount of hair on the head;
  • Increase in the concentration of negative cholesterol;
  • Containment of the production of natural testosterone;
  • A high probability of enlarging the prostate gland;
  • Sharp changes in blood pressure;
  • Fluid retention unnecessary to the body.

 In each episode of the appearance of such symptoms, post-course therapy with clomiphene or tamoxifen is needed. It is also necessary to use vitamin complexes that help normalize the concentration of hormones in the body of an athlete.


 Athletes who have passed the course of using the masteron, notice a decrease in the specific proportion of fat deposits in the body and an increase in the volume of muscles, in pure form. There is a significant increase in the physical strength of the athlete. Some confusion is caused by the rather high price of the master, and also the fact that if it is not difficult to buy it in America, then in general it is difficult for USA.

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